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Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics Welcomes Kat Flynt To Teach Advanced Makeup Skills

Leading skin care school Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics partners with renowned makeup artist Kat Flynt to provide the Complete Media Makeup course including advanced makeup skills, one-on-one basic training and mentorship opportunities.

Atlanta (PR Web) April 18, 2010 — Leticia Allen, president of Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, the leading skin care school in Georgia, is delighted to announce the schools’ affiliation with Flynt Makeup Academy. Kat Flynt, founder of Flynt Makeup Academy, is teaching advanced makeup skills at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. Classes are taught one week each month at the premier Atlanta skin care school. Most classes last three to four full days. The Complete Media Makeup course includes one-on-one basic training in addition to the three three-day courses: Advanced Makeup for Fashion and Photography, Advanced Makeup for TV and Video and Advanced Makeup for Weddings.

Each of the three-day makeup classes includes theory presented in a PowerPoint presentation, makeup application demonstrations and hands-on practice. “Career Planning for the Freelance Makeup Artist” is a comprehensive one-day course covering all aspects of business management and career planning. One-day one-on-one mentorship training opportunities are also offered through Flynt Makeup Academy.

Kat Flynt is a self- taught entrepreneur, author, aesthetician and media makeup artist. In 1993 she “fell into makeup artistry as a business.” Kat got her start while working in a photography studio applying makeup for Glamour Shots. There she continued to improve her natural talents. In 2002 she was approached by CNN with an invitation to join their production team, but she encountered a setback. At that time, she did not have the necessary  licensing in cosmetology or aesthetics required  to apply makeup professionally. She completed her training and obtained her aesthetician’s license two years later.

Kat Flynt was recently interviewed by Sam Dobrow for The Atlanta Small Business Chronicle. She shares her experiences and journey as an entrepreneur. She is a natural mentor for anyone considering or practicing in the makeup industry. Kat encourages makeup artists to continuously improve their skills and keep up with current styles and trends: “The makeup industry is constantly changing and is increasingly competitive. As broadcast and photographic technology evolved from black and white to high definition, the technology of makeup had to adapt.”

To read the full article visit the Atlanta Small Business Examiner website.
To learn more about Kat Flynt visit Flynt Makeup Academy website.

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