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Breaking Generational Curses With Fitness And Diet

Robyn Smith, Atlanta Personal Trainer Program

Atlanta School of Massage graduate, Robyn Smith, returns to ASM to pursue a NASM hands-on personal trainer Certificate of Distinction. Following, she shares why ASM is the school of her choice.

I selected Atlanta School of Massage because I knew my education would be in great hands.

I’ve been in the health industry for approximately 15 years. I became a Doula in my early 20’s because I always had a fascination with life. I attended Atlanta School of Massage  in 2003 and graduated from the Neuromuscular/Clinic Program. After years of amazing experiences I decided to go further as a personal trainer. My experience with ASM was so awesome I was ecstatic to know that they had launched the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program. So I enrolled.

I decided to pursue a hands-on personal trainer certification because I wanted to be the best that I could be. Being ordinary is not an option and I believe the hands on and the extra knowledge will set me apart. Being the best that I can be is important because I want my clients to be better, healthier, live long, etc. I want them to be at the optimum health.

I am breaking generational curses by living the life that I live. I am the only one in my family that does not have high blood pressure. I am 52 right now. I’ve changed my living habits years ago. People in my family usually get diagnosed WITH SOMETHING in their 20’s. So I want to help others break chains of unhealthiness within other families, if possible.

In a previous article following The APTP Transformational Challenge, Robyn states “I want to focus on the health and wellbeing of others. I want to help them live in their optimal life, while also concentrating on helping people with multiple sclerosis in order to build their muscles. No one person is alike which makes it hard, but with multiple sclerosis, there is a lot of depression, muscle imbalance, pain, and different issues with their organs. My prayer is to help people with multiple sclerosis to become stronger by helping them to build their muscles and learn how to maneuver in their weakness. That’s my goal.” To learn more about Robyn you can follow her and her business, My BodyBiz Fitness & Wellness Studio on Facebook.

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