Atlanta Personal Trainer Program Leadership Team
Carlotta Fulton Carlotta Fulton – VP, Finance
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“I provide educational and financial information that makes it easier for our prospective students to understand their options. We also work with students who are struggling financially to develop a plan that is manageable so the student can become a successful graduate and get a fresh start in a new career.”
Charlene_Ramos Charlene Ramos – VP, Administration
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I oversee all aspects of the student experience while providing direct support to each student to help them successfully complete their program. The most gratifying part of my job is witnessing the positive life changes many students go through as they complete their studies and begin to work in their field. You can see they are truly enjoying the path they have chosen.”
Traci Daly-Smith – VP, Operations
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“I’m a certified massage therapist and esthetician, and a graduate of ASM. This experience guides my oversight of all campus operations to ensure the student experience is fine-tuned for learning, positivity, and growth. This includes management of our school’s teaching clinic, SensAbility, where students receive invaluable hands-on experience with real clients.”
Jocelyn Ash – Director, Esthetics Program
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“It is a privilege to help create a dynamic and inspiring educational environment for our students. The esthetics industry is diverse, ever-evolving, and full of opportunities for long-term success. My goal is for each student to feel empowered to become a passionate professional with a commitment to lifelong learning. Passion is where you put your heart.”
Angelina Guzman – Director, Financial Aid
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“My job is helping prospective students make well-informed decisions about the financial aid plans available to them so they can focus on their education and career goals. As an accredited institution, we offer a wide variety plans. I work with each student to help them fully understand their options and select the plan that best meets their needs.”
Financial Aid
Atlanta Personal Trainer Program offers a wide variety of payment plans and all the support you need.
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SensAbility is the teaching clinic of Atlanta Personal Trainer Program.
It's where we provide a wide range of personal training services to the public.
2 Dunwoody Park South
Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: 770-648-1331

2 Dunwoody Park South, Suite 103
Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: 770-648-1331