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Personal Trainer Students Learn Value of Metabolic Rate Testing

Growing a Personal Trainer Business

Atlanta Personal Trainer Program students enjoyed a visit with Milen Minev at his personal training studio, New Edge Fitness. Milen shared the value of incorporating the VO2 Metabolic Rate Testing machine into his practice. The VO2 gives the trainer and the client the most accurate reading on an individual’s fitness capacity and helps set realistic attainable fitness goals.

Milen shared numerous stories about growing his business. Combining his skills as massage therapist and personal trainer significantly contributed  to the successful business he has today. But with a whole lot of hard work and persistence. His experience includes training at the YMCA for 4 years, renting a shared studio with a body builder to his current studio, New Edge Fitness Health Systems. Milen has continually invested in himself, his clients and fitness equipment. He is honest with the integrity one would want with a healthcare professional. He will turn down a client if their primary goal is weight loss and focuses on strength training and conditioning. Still an important component is nutrition.

Metabolic Rate Testing

Milen offers free Metabolic Rate Testing prior to working with his clients. Metabolic testing is his #1 source of help, because it enables the training to be very precise and individualized.The use of these machines is quite rare due to price. Milen invested $16,000 into his machine that enables highly detailed information to create the best possible training goals for each individual client. The VO2 system details how much your respiratory system can handle which determines one’s fitness level and oxygen consumption. 

Marketing Yourself As Personal Trainer:

  • You have to have the vision in your head or it won’t happen. This includes a business plan. If you don’t know what it looks like you won’t know how to navigate the steps to get there.
  • If you fail to sell your brand you will struggle. Milen worked years to build his brand and it shows.
  • Word of mouth referral is the best form of marketing. Milen also engages on Facebook with substantial results. Printed marketing collateral has not proved beneficial or cost effective.
  • When times get tough, don’t scale back but invest even more into your vision. Think bigger. Milen expands on this philosophy in video below.
  • It is imperative to educate about nutrition.
  • When determining your hourly rate remember you are selling one hour of your life. How valuable is your life? Don’t sell yourself short.


Milen Minev, New Edge Fitness Health Systems

Milen received his Neuromuscular Massage Therapy certification from Atlanta School of Massage in addition to the following: American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer, National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”, Bulgaria; Exercise Science, and University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Master’s Degree in Psychology – Exercise, Stress and Adaptation.

National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) Certificate of Distinction

Please visit Atlanta Personal Trainer Program to learn more about our National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certificate of Distinction. We also invite you to take a tour of the school and meet Yano Anaya, APTP Director.

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