Transcripts and Copies of Diploma FAQs

Georgia state board licensing info:

Q: How long does a transcript take?
A: An official transcript can take up to 14 business days from the day we receive the request. An incomplete transcript could take up to 45 days to process from the day that we receive the request.

Q: What is an official transcript, unofficial?
A: An official transcript is a transcript that is on watermarked paper with an embossed stamp, sealed in an envelope. Once the envelope is opened the transcript is considered to be unofficial. An electronic copy of a transcript can also be considered unofficial.

Q: What does Certified mail mean?
A: Certified mail is used when you need/want to know that a piece of mail has been received. Mailing a transcript certified does not make your transcript get to the location any faster than regular mail. You will get a confirmation that it was received by someone on the other end. (P.O. Boxes are exempt from this service). The cost is $6.50 per item.

Q: What do I need to get licensed in the state of ___________?

Q: Why won’t the site accept payment on my cell phone?
A: Atlanta school of massage mobile site is not capable of processing payments because it is not a secured site. All payments can be processed on a personal laptop or PC if they are on a secure network. You can always make a payment on campus M-F 9 to 5

Q: May I pick up my transcript?
A: Yes, if you would prefer to pick up your transcript here on campus rather than having it mailed to you or sent to another location we can call you when the process is complete and you can schedule a day and time for pick up.

Q: Will ASM mail the transcript to the state board other than Georgia.
A: Yes, we will mail an official transcript to anywhere that you specify, provided that we have an address for the location.

Q: What can I do if I lost my transcript that I received from school?
A: As a graduate you would have received a copy of your transcript. If this gets lost you may request one from ASM on campus or on the website and we will process your request.

Q: What if my transcript gets lost in the mail?
A: If ASM has sent out your transcript to a facility other than a personal residence (i.e. State board, college or university, employer) we will mail 1 copy to the exact address that the transcript was originally sent to, free of charge. If there is a change of address you will be charged.

Q: What if I lost my large certificate?
A: ASM can reprint a copy of any certificate for you for a charge of $7.50.

Q: What if I want one of my small certificates reprinted because it is damaged?
A: ASM can reprint a copy of any certificate for you for a charge of $7.50.

Q: What if I want my name to be changed back to my maiden name on my certificates?
A: ASM is willing to change your name on your certificate(s) as long as you provide all of the proper documentation from the legal system proving that your name has been changed.
In most cases this is best handle in an on campus visit so that we may make copies of all of the needed documents.

Q: What if I did not complete the entire massage/PTP/ Esthetics Program and the college I want to attend needs my transcript?
A: You will need to request an incomplete transcript. An incomplete transcript is a breakdown of the classes that you have completed, this is a very detailed and lengthy process and can take up to 45 business days to complete. If you feel that you need this type of transcript it is in your best interest for you to let the college that is requesting this information of the possible wait time so as to not to miss any deadlines put in place by their admissions department.

Q: What if I open the envelope that says official transcript?
A: All official transcripts that are mailed out are labeled accordingly. If you open an envelope labeled “official transcript” then the document becomes unofficial. If the school is requesting an official transcript we recommend that the document be sent directly to them so there is no possibility of the envelope being opened accidentally.

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