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Welcome Atlanta Personal Trainer Program Director, Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell, APTP Director

What inspired you to become the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program, (APTP), Director?

PM: After many years of working in the gym environment I witnessed quite a bit of misinformed information being shared by inexperienced personal trainers who simply lacked the hands-on knowledge. I’m passionate about giving students the tools to succeed right out of the gate including how to market one’s self, etiquette, social skills and rapport development. I feel it’s important that trainers are able to communicate what makes them special or unique. I like helping them define their niche.

I encourage putting the “personal” back into personal training. It’s a relationship that needs to be cultivated. So is learning what a client’s best learning style is whether verbal, experiential or visual, for example.

What do you find unique about the APTP NASM Certification?

PM: APTP students practice on each other and on real clients so they are prepared and not intimidated by future clients once they are certified. Hands-on practice is critical for success. Also the program will be opening it’s own gym this summer.

Have you always been a trainer since being certified or have you had other previous experience as a school instructor or corporate trainer?

PM: I was a Personal Training Director at Workout Anytime and Assistant Department Head and Metabolic Specialist at Lifetime Fitness.

What 3 things do you recommend to new trainers towards building their business clientele?

1. Define who you are and your niche. Become an expert at the thing you love, bodybuilding, kettlebell or group training for example. Don’t be a generalist like many trainers.

2. Market to that group and be specific… Kettlebell training for mothers, Kettlebell for pregnant women, Kettlebell to add muscle. Speak to specific audiences.

3. I recommend having equally just as much knowledge for marketing as for training.

Additionally you have to continue to get certifications and have a quest for knowledge, avoid becoming stagnant and attend industry conferences.

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

PM: I was a grant writer by trade and an international business major. I wrote grants for the city of New Orleans. At the time I was lifting weights and had a good friend who was Mr. Louisiana for 7 years in a row. People at the gym started asking me about my techniques. I saw that things were going to be taking a turn in the political arena which would affect my position at that time. I asked my wife what she thought about me becoming a professional trainer and even though we knew it would be a cut in pay, she backed me 100%. I have been a CPT for 20 years now. It’s really fulfilling and has great financial potential. Its economy proof and you can do it as long as you want. There is no age limit.

How important is nutrition to you in creating a client’s regimen?

PM: Nutrition is extremely important. It fuels you and provides your cells with energy. People know what they should eat but don’t always make the best choice or have cravings. Coaching behavior and good habits, removing the barriers are important towards getting ideal results. My philosophy is make smart choices 90% of the time. But  enjoy and treat yourself too, maybe 10% of the time.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

PM: Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres. Literally, this translates to: Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are…but lends itself more to…

Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are. I try to surround myself with people who challenge me and are smarter than me.

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